Some examples of the cultural heritage virtual replicas we have created in Spain are shown below.


1. The statue of King Alonso III located at Plaza de Oriente, across from the Royal Palace in Madrid. Height: 4.28 m.

2. Virtual reconstruction of the Plaza de la Paz located in the Enrique Tierno Galvan Park, Madrid.  The portion shown has an outer diameter of 6 meters and an inner diameter of 3 meters. The central statue represents the Dove of Peace and has dimensions of 1.50  x 1.20 x 1.20 m.

3. Here is an animation created with the central statue isolated from the rest of the structure.

4. El Lector, Plaza de la Paja, Madrid. Urban human size statue.

5. This fountain is part of a larger monument dedicated to King Philip IV. It is located at Plaza de Oriente, Madrid