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We are slowly but surely entering the fascinating world of archeology with the virtual reconstruction of the largest dolmen (passage grave) in Extremadura, Spain, from the Neolithic or Early Copper Age dated between 4200 and 3500 BC.

Another remarkable ancient burial is the Edicule at Necropolis of Santa Maria de Tejuela, Burgos, Spain. This site dates back to the High Medieval Period.

Virtual reconstruction of  this Neolithic arrowhead replica made from agate material. Being only 100 mm x 35 mm, this ancient weapon is rich in visual detail and has a reflective surface. Size: 100 mm x 35 x 3.5 mm.



We are very excited about growing our fossil portfolio as we know we are entering the era of virtual paleontology, and we are confident photogrammetry will play a major role in the creation of virtual models of fossils. Such models will be used in a range of paleontology applications primarily anatomical studies of specimens, virtual restoration and digital library curation. Here are some of the digital twins we have created for paleontology use.

1. Calymen trilobite fossil. Size: 86 x 58 x 30 mm

2. Dinosaur skull displayed as museum animation and cinematic rendering. Size: 130 x 110 x 80 mm.

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